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Diploma In Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering Officers are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship's main propulsion machinery, deck machinery, air conditioning plants, refrigeration plants, domestic and electrical services. Depending on the type of ship and operational circumstances, Engineers will be required to keep watches in the ship's Engine Room. The Chief Engineer is in charge of the Engine Department and is responsible to the ship's Master for its efficient operation. Whilst the law demands that only one person should be in overall command of the ship and, by tradition, that person is the Master, the Chief Engineer's status and salary is very similar to that enjoyed by the Master.

Courses Structure

English Language with Maritime English
Basic Engineering Science
Navel Architecture
Engineering Materials and Processes
Shipboard Electrical Systems
Main & Auxiliary Engine

Auxiliary Machinery
Mechanical Science
Industrial Chemistry
Engineering Drawing and Design
Maintenance & Repair of Marine Systems
Electronics & Control Systems
Shipping & Maritime Law

Workshop: Hand Tools and Measuring Equipments
Workshop Practices
Workshop: Fabrication & Repair Operations on Ship
Workshop: Maintenance & Repair of Marine Systems
Workshop: Marine Electrical Practice
Workshop: Main & Auxiliary Machinery
Moral/Islamic Studies
Penghayatan Etika
Bahasa Kebangsaan/entrepreneurship
Sea Training - 12 months

Entry Requirements

  • Malaysian

  • Must not be colour blind

  • Passed medical check-up (Panel Doctor approved by Jabatan Laut Malaysia)

  • SPM with:-

      - Pass in Bahasa Melayu

      - Pass in Bahasa Inggeris

      - Pass in Sejarah

      - Credit in Maths / Additional Maths

      - Credit in Science / Technical / Vocational subject

      - Credit in any other (1) subject



     - Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Tahap 3 in related field

Fees and Charges

  • 1st year  - RM 24,000

  • 2nd year - RM 24,000

  • 3rd year  - RM 5,250      

                      (Total Tuition Fees RM 53,250)


  • Registration: RM 500

  • Security Deposit: RM 1,000 (Refundable)

  • Accommodation: RM 175 per month

  • Other administration fees: TBA

  • * A comprehensive fee guide will be sent to potential applicants only.

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