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Diploma In Nautical Studies

Navigating Officers maintain watches on the bridge at sea and supervise cargo operations when the ship is in port. They are responsible for passage planning, safe navigation of the ship, cargo loading and discharge, ship stability, communications and the maintenance of the hull and deck equipment. The ship's Captain, or Master, is in overall command with ultimate responsibility for the safety of the ship, cargo and crew. Only Navigating Officers can be promoted to the rank of Master.

Courses Structure

Navigation Safety
English Language with Maritime English
Naval Architecture
Ship Operation
Principle of Navigation
Magnetism and Electricity


Coastal Navigation
Practical Navigation
Navigation Systems
Shipping and Maritime Law
Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting
and ARPA (70) 'Modular Course'
Maritime Communications
Cargo Work
Moral/Islamic Studies

Penghayatan Etika
Bahasa Kebangsaan/Introduction to entrepreneurship
Sea Training - 12 months

Entry Requirements

  • Malaysian

  • Must not be colour blind

  • Passed medical check-up (Panel Doctor approved by Jabatan Laut Malaysia)

  • SPM with:-

      - Pass in Bahasa Melayu

      - Pass in Bahasa Inggeris

      - Pass in Sejarah

      - Credit in Maths / Additional Maths

      - Credit in Science / Technical / Vocational subject

      - Credit in any other (1) subject

Fees and Charges

  • 1st year  - RM 24,000

  • 2nd year - RM 24,000

  • 3rd year -  RM Nil    

                       (Total Tuition Fees RM 48,000)


  • Registration: RM 500

  • Security Deposit: RM 1,000 (Refundable)

  • Accommodation: RM 175 per month

  • Other administration fees: TBA

  • * A comprehensive fee guide will be sent to potential applicants only.

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