Biasiswa Pinjaman Pelajaran Dalam Negara (Yayasan Sarawak)

- Full-time Sarawak cadets (Year 1 or Year 2) of Diploma in Nautical Studies or Diploma in Marine Engineering 

- Open to PTPTN recipients currently studying in Sarawak Maritime Academy 

- Amount of Loan subject to YS's approval (Course Fee Top-Up)

- Application must be made online at

- For more information, please refer to:


Yayasan Sarawak,
Wisma Adenan, Jalan Sultan Tengah, 
Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA.
Tel: 6082-440571 
Faks: 6082-440023  

Owned and managed by by Sarawak Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd (677733-X)

Ministry of Education Registration Number : DK319(Q)

Shin Yang

Group of Companies

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