1. Marketing / Business Development Executive


Job Description

One(1) Marketing/Business Development Executive post based in Sarawak Maritime Academy Sdn. Bhd., Sibu Sarawak.


  1. Conceive and develop efficient and intuitive marketing strategies

  2. Partake and oversee advertising/communication campaigns, exhibitions and promotional events

  3. Initiate and control surveys to assess customer requirements and dedication  

  4. Write copy for diverse marketing distributions (brochures, press releases, website material etc.)

  5. Maintain relationships with media vendors, publishers, consultants to ensure collaboration in promotional activities

  6. Prepare budgets and monitor expenses

Requirements for Position:

  1. A general understanding and/or background in Marketing/Business Development

  2. Thorough knowledge of strategic planning principles and marketing best practices

  3. Excellent communication and people skills

  4. Having valid driving license

  5. Able to do extra hours

  6. In good health

  7. Malaysian

  8. Possess a good command of English

  9. Other necessary attributes include the ability to work independently and to be proactive and resourceful

  10. Strong interest to teach Mathematics/Physics at a tertiary level (Part-Time)

*Competitive Salary


For more information, please contact us at:

Sarawak Maritime Academy
No 2, Upper Lanang Road,
96000, Sibu Sarawak,

Tel: +6084 216 799
Fax: +6084 217 179

Full Time   I   Updated on 04 July 2019

Owned and managed by by Sarawak Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd (677733-X)

Ministry of Education Registration Number : DK319(Q)

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